Jamaica ‘mon and new ideas. Do you have any you would like to add?

After 7 months without a day off we finally took off for two weeks to stay at a lovely boutique hotel called Idle Awhile in Negril, Jamaica. We had plans for snorkeling, hiking, touring, and scuba diving lessons, but after 24 hours of lounging on the beach, floating in the water, and taking long naps, we decided that 12 days of doing “nothing” was more important than anything else. It was our time in Jamaica that gave us time as well to talk about some of the changes we wanted to implement when we arrived home. Those include a split bottle of Mumm champagne upon arrival, as well as putting Annette’s Chocolate Factory Truffles (a Napa favorite) in the room. A little bubbly while you unpack, along with a sweet nibble, or even a salty one in the complimentary snack in your room upon arrival, really sets the tone for a relaxed and enjoyable vacation.  IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS, PLEASE SEND THEM.  Every ideal is legitimate. We just can’t always implement them immediately. As we were like the hare who was running the race, we have found that the tortoise is a better model: slow, sure, steady, and focused. Small, incremental changes, bit by bit growing the business, and allowing ourselves to be changed in the process. As a friend of ours told us: You don’t want to change so fast that you won’t know yourself on the other side. She is correct. Neither do we want to change The Inn On First so rapidly that you won’t know it when you return.


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