Pearl: a nice change of pace in food.

We joined a couple of other innkeepers (yes, we do socialize with our “competitors” as there is a great support system here in Napa among the Bed and Breakfast community) at Pearl’s restaurant this past week.  The restaurant is very close by The Inn On First, about a five minute walk, and so a very convenient place to enjoy dinner.  The ambience is simple, not overstated, and very casual.  We all split the oysters, a combination of various oysters prepared differently- bbq’d, with a champagne mignonette, and a balsamic glaze (our favorite).  Jamie and I split a salad of mixed greens and then went in two directions for dinner.  There is a house specialty of chicken in a chili verde sauce (my choice), and there was a special with a lamb shank on soft polenta (Jamie’s choice and the big winner for the night).  My particular dish came with skin on the chicken in the sauce (I’m not a skin fan at all, unless it is deep fried, crispy, and tasty), so that took away from some of my pleasure.  I took a bite of Jamie’s lamb and bingo!  The flavors in my mouth did a little dance and I was sorry I didn’t follow his lead on that one.  We split dessert at the end, a soft and rich chocolate cake with whipped cream and a soft chocolate mousse.  That was  a nice finish to the meal.  My recommendation on this meal is for those who want a good, solid meal, some good flavors, and a great price.  Don’t expect anything too flashy or innovative, but you will be very satisfied when you walk out the door.  A great casual meal with a great casual price.


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