Bleaux Magnolia: 2 new dishes to try.

Yes, I know we need to expand our universe in terms of eating out but we couldn’t resist the two new dishes that Matt, the chef, had told us that he added onto the menu recently.  The first, Escolar (whitefish) marinated with homemade voodoo sauce (a southern bbq sauce), seared and served with a marmalade.  Quite a dish and what great flavor.  I usually offer bites to others who have ordered something different, but after my first bite I changed my mind.  I know, a bit selfish, but it was really tasty.  The second dish was dessert, panko-encrusted butterscotch pudding that was deep-fried, with a green apple salad with a vanilla vinaigrette (it really works!), and a sour apple sorbet.  We said we were stuffed and really couldn’t eat another bite, but ten minutes later the plate was empty.  First you wanted to try each on their own, then with each other, and soon it was hard to say which of all of those bites were better, so you had to start over.  I’ve never had deep-fried pudding for dessert and it was worth the extra calories to enjoy those flavors.


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