Bounty Hunter: Comfort food and great wine.

We read that the new smoker was up and running and decided it was time to try the Bounty Hunter in downtown Napa.  Walking up First Street from the Inn, the restaurant is only a fifteen minute walk.  The ambience is very casual, with tables and bar stools throughout the space, with a few booths available.  Because it also a wine tasting room, their wine selection is incredible.  Perusing the menu the Beer Can Chicken and the Full Rack of Ribs struck our fancy, as well the starter Caesar Salad for both of us.  We enjoyed a Beringer 02 Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with the meal which was a very rich addition to our very down-home meal.   The Beer Can Chicken is funny in presentation as it comes on a stand that surrounds the Beer Can so it looks like it is sitting up on the plate.  With a carving knife in hand Jamie stared at the chicken and the chicken stared him down.  Not knowing how to carve it himself he handed me the knife and fork and I took it apart in less than three minutes.  (My culinary instructor would tell me I’m slow as we were supposed to be able to carve a whole chicken into pieces in less than one minute while in school, and I had practiced for weeks to achieve that goal- I must have carved 30-40 chickens in a single week; the practice was going to pay off when we had to clean over 300 chickens for a big event being held at the Culinary Academy)(Anyway, back to the food….)  The Chicken was well worth the carving: moist and delicious it was a great meal.  The ribs were just as good, falling off the bone as I pulled them apart.  If you are into finger-licking food, this is a great place to go for ribs and chicken.  As an added warning: don’t wear white to the meal; you’ll be wearing some of your sauce, I guarantee, as I did walking out of the restaurant.


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