Hurley’s: Anything but “boar”-ing.

Hurley’s in Yountville (about 15 minutes from the Inn) was next on our list to visit.  I had once tried a bite of the Boar Stew at a street fair in Yountville last November, but this would be our first visit to the restaurant.  We chose to sit inside and I’m glad we did- I like the ambience.  Dark colors, big windows looking out over the street, a nice wine bar along one wall.  We started with cocktails- a Poma-tini (yummy martini with pomegranate juice) and a Maker’s Mark Manhattan (a Cherry family favorite for over 50 years).  Beginning with the squash blossoms, I was disappointed in the flavor.  There was an oddity to the dish that didn’t sell my palate on the dish, but Jamie’s asparagus salad and our friend’s (Rob) spinach salad took me there.  The spinach salad with the fresh, poached egg on top was the real winner of that course.  I couldn’t help but go back to the boar stew and I wasn’t disappointed.  They also had salmon (chef’s catch from his recent trip to Alaska) which was Jamie’s choice and was great.  The Halibut, Rob’s choice, worked well together with the other elements of the dish, but the fish was overcooked (easy to do with Halibut, I’m afraid).  We decided on two desserts: the berry pudding, which was light and delicious, and the ice cream sandwich, which was a wonderful end to the meal.  We all fought over the plate on that dessert!  If I was to plan your meal: go with the spinach salad or asparagus salad, then the salmon (if there is any left) or the boar stew, and definitely leave room for the ice cream sandwich.


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