Annalien’s Vietnamese: a treat Pho you!

It was lunch time and my niece, Catherine, was visiting and we wanted to try something new.  We had heard that Annalien’s was a good place to eat and I was in the mood for Pho, a noodle soup with lots of vegetables and sometimes chicken or beef or shrimp.  We started with the Salmon Spring Rolls because they are not deep-fried, and with the accompanying peanut sauce and hot sauce our palates were awakened and we were happy with the choice of appetizer.  Catherine ordered the Green Papaya salad with shrimp, Jamie ordered the Lemon Grass soup with shrimp, and I ordered the Pho Ga (with chicken).  There was not a bad bite in any of the dishes.  I thought the Lemon Grass soup was a little on the small side (at least compared to the bowl of Pho), whereas the Pho was more than I could eat and I shared the rest with Jamie.  Catherine’s salad was just right (what, the Three Little Bears?- too big, too small, just right!).  What I loved most about the Pho was the side of little dishes (jalapeno peppers, green onion, sprouts, and three different sauces to enjoy).  I used everything but the jalapeno peppers (I can only manage so much heat these days) and it married nicely into the dish.  Although we didn’t get a chance to speak with Annalien, you will see her around the dining room speaking to guests and talking about the food.  Quite an enjoyable experience; one that I would recommend, and within walking distance of the inn.


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