Ubuntu: continues to shine.

Now that the thrill of New York’s elite eaters have come and gone in the wake of the NY Times write-up, and the national press has simmered down after the chef’s picture showed up in Bon Appetit, we returned to a still busy restaurant with a large group of friends.  Groups are treated to a preset menu where they bring out food until you can eat no more.  Just when you think you cannot take another bite of anything, the next course shows up.  You literally have to tell them to STOP sending food.  We enjoyed a lovely asparagus salad, a corn soup, farro in an avocado sauce with corn fritters, pizza with wild mushrooms and truffle oil, and their signature cauliflower puree.  I have to admit that there were a couple of other courses in between that I lost track of that were no less wonderful, small bites of great flavor in your mouth.  Yes, I know, it’s all vegetarian.  Trust me.  I’m a carnivore and love my beef.  Yet I’ve eaten there 5 times and I’ve never been dissatisfied, nor have I walked away hungry.  Due to its popularity reservations are a must.  There is a communal table open for walk-ins, but the wait can be long and tedious.  This is a “must” stop for anyone staying in Napa.


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