Girard Tasting Room: a surprisingly great find.

After visiting Jessup Cellars, Grant Long, Sr., encouraged us to try Girard wines at a tasting room right down the street.  It was already recommended by a guest, so we were glad to oblige Grant’s request.  We were pleasantly surprised to find they stayed open later than most tasting rooms in Yountville; but even more surprised by the nice wines we were privileged to enjoy.  I especially enjoyed the Chardonnay (crisp and light fruit) and the Petite Syrah (not too big, and plenty of bite).  The Zinfandel was also a nice surprise as it wasn’t overly spicy or jammy as some Zins are made in the Valley.  The staff is very helpful and enjoyable, and they even have small tables set up for those who don’t want to stand at the bar.  Along the one wall are overview maps of Yountville so that you can see the whole village in its four mile entirety.  In the back there is a small room where they can manage small groups of up to 10 people with advance reservations.  Considering that it is only steps away from Jessup Cellars, and a few blocks away from Hope and Grace, this could be part of a wonderful day spent in Yountville, strolling down the street and enjoying fine wines.


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