Hope and Grace Tasting Room: No, not Will and Grace…and lots of good wine.

Hope and Grace is one of those little gems you stumble upon and think to yourself: what a delightful place to go.  It is a tasting room in Yountville that is but a few blocks from Jessup Cellars and Girard, so that you could easily spend the day walking from wine tasting room to wine tasting room, and never get into your car except to drive up in the morning and drive back in the afternoon; and that being all of 15 minutes away from the Inn.  It is nestled in a small boutique mall, and they have a small art gallery that showcases a single artist, changing it out periodically.  Their wines are lovely  and they have a nice selection to choose from for your tasting.  I limited myself to 2 as I knew I had to return to work: the Russian River Pinot (a very good wine indeed, especially since I’m not a Pinot fan), and the Hendrick’s Reserve Cabernet (whoa!  this is great winemaking).  Charles Hendricks, the winemaker, has consulted for many prestigious labels such as Barnett Vineyards, Regusci Winery, Bacio Divino, Viader, along with several others during the last twenty years, and is now producing wine under his own label.  Well worth the visit while in Yountville for the day.


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