The Gabrielle Collection and the Pietro Collection: grace and sophistication.

We were fortunate to be invited to join Justin from Elegant Tours limousine service to taste wine at the home of  Wayne and Gabrielle in Napa to experience wine tasting that was intimate, unique, and fun.  This is not a “public” winery but appointments can still be made; with the understanding that wine will be purchased before you leave.  There is a tasting fee of $35/pp to cover the costs of food and wine, but it is worth the experience.  As you pull into their driveway, hidden behind acres of vineyards, you notice the large, expansive lawn that sits around a private pond filled with frogs, lilies, and grasses.  The house sits back behind oak trees that are well over 300 hundred years old, and there are gardens to be discovered as you are taken on a tour of the property.  And that is just the introduction!

You are then invited to sit under one of the trees in this beautiful setting and are treated to a platter of cheeses, salami, sausage, crackers, honey, olive oil, chocolate, and homemade salts as part of the pairing with the wines.  Wayne has his own collection, named after his grandfather, Pietro, and Gabrielle has various blends available that will tantalize your palate.  We enjoyed everything we tasted.  For those who love blends, this is a perfect match for you!

For 90 minutes or more you are part of the family, welcome to be a part of their home and their history, and soon you will feel that you are speaking with old friends you haven’t seen in awhile.  There is a grace and sophistication to everything they do: the ambience, the food, the wine, the company.  The wines are delicious and they range from very affordable to the more elite status.  This is one of those unique and intimate experiences in Napa that is hidden from the public eye, but available to our guests.  Yes, they will allow us to make reservations for you.


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