Pizza Azzuro: love the Pollo pizza!

Pizza Azzuro is one of those very casual places in Napa where you can get a great wood-fired, thin-crust pizza or a nice pasta with lots of sausage and great red sauce; and, if you really wanted, a simple salad (caesar, iceberg with bleu, or house greens).  It’s not elaborate decor, or a long menu, but always a great place to get quick and easy comfort food.  The Pollo Pizza there has arugula on it with sherry-roasted onions (love the balance of sweet and bitter), and it is pretty much the only arugula I eat (I’m not a fan of bitter greens), along with chicken sausage.  With the iceberg salad with bleu cheese to start, it is the perfect casual and easy meal to enjoy in Napa without a lot of fuss.

Jamie ordered the mixed greens with almonds and a balsamic vinaigrette, and then finished with the rigatoni with sausage and red sauce.  As he stated: “I love the simplicity of this place and the clean flavors of the food.”  For guests arriving on a Friday night who don’t want a formal dinner, but something nice and easy, then Pizza Azzuro is the place to go.


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