Rosita’s: very casual taqueria on Main Street.

We don’t often talk about the more casual dining spots in Napa as guests typically like to enjoy a more formal dining experience while on vacation.  Occasionally, though, a burrito is a must, or a taco, or some chips and guacamole.  There are a number of Mexican cuisine options in downtown historic Napa, but the only one I would currently recommend is Rosita’s, at Main and Pearl streets.  They are fast on the service and you don’t wait long for the food.  The food is very Mexican, not an Americanized version of Mexican that we find in so many taquerias.  Although it is not the BEST taqueria in Napa, it is the best one that is within walking distance of the inn.  The carnitas (pork) is tasty and rich, the sopitos with chicken (corn cakes smothered in shredded chicken, greens, cheese, and guacamole) are delightful, and the tostadas are just the perfect size for one person to enjoy (not those massive monster bowls you’ll find in many Mexican restaurants).  The wine selection is simple (Sutter Home), the beer selection a bit better (Bohemia, Corona, Indian Pale Ale), but when things are this casual you are not going for the wine or beer.  You want quick and easy food, ready to be consumed so that your belly will stop aching.  Also, they aren’t stingy with the chips: they’ll keep refilling your bowl, which is more than I can say for many other taquerias in the area that charge you extra for the chips.   They close at 9 p.m., even on weekends, so don’t go looking there for your midnight snack.


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