Kingfish: a casual place for lunch in the Bay Area

For those headed to San Francisco Airport and have some time on their hands before their flight, I would highly recommend a small side-trip to the town of San Mateo.  Quaint, with lots of shops and little eateries along South B Street, one of their main thoroughfares.  We chose Kingfish Restaurant as our destination that day for lunch, as we were looking for special grasses for the front yard to replace the roses and there is a nursery in San Mateo that specializes in those.  The ambience is casual, with a slice of Southern charm throughout.  The restaurant feels comfortable, and the food follows in line with that.  We enjoyed the Jambalaya, rich with sausage and chicken pieces throughout the seasoned rice, as well as the chicken avocado sandwich.  We also saw the French Dip sandwich come out that looked really big and luscious.  Oh well, for the next time.  And the front yard, by the way, really looks great with the new grasses!


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