Paraduxx: a perfect pairing with cheese in a beautiful setting.

I have to admit my reluctance to hit some of the more well-known wineries that are part of what we call the Rodeo Drive of Napa Valley.  Paraduxx is one of those, as is Cakebread, Duckhorn, Rubicon, Opus One, Silver Oak, etc.  All big names with big marketing budgets.  Our philosophy is typically: if you can get it at home, then don’t drink it here.  Find what you cannot find at home and introduce your family and friends to something unique and different.  Still, we had been invited and we accepted the invitation to do some wine tasting.  First, Paraduxx produces blends- an important distinction for some wine drinkers, but not so much for Jamie and me.  As long as it tastes good, I’ll buy it and drink it.  Driving into Paraduxx you are unable to see the real magic, which is the tasting room, outdoor garden area, and production area.  It is a lovely space where there are tables and chairs outdoors underneath a canopy of oak trees, you are surrounded by the vineyards, and they bring you the wine with a pairing of cheeses to the table.  You sit casually, nibble, sip, and read about the wines. If you have questions, they are available to answer; but mostly it is an experience of enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Napa.  As for their wines, I really enjoyed them.  I’m not a Zinfandel fan per se, but their wines are all Zinfandel blends, so they play with the flavors which is always fun.  I have to admit- I liked it.  Lastly, they provide a winemaker’s course for those who would like to learn how to blend themselves.  A fun event for you to sit with your friends in the barrel room, blend wines, and to take some of it home with you.  Tours run around $30 to $40 dollars per person, depending on what experience you want, and how many wines you want to try.  Well worth a visit here in Napa Valley.


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