Ad Hoc: don’t think- just eat.

One of the beauties, and challenges, of the restaurant Ad Hoc is that you don’t have to think about the food.  As a 4-course pre-set meal, you are afforded a menu that details what you will eat for the evening: salad course, main course, cheese course, dessert course.  Jamie’s sister was in town and we decided to introduce her to what Ad Hoc had to offer.  We began with a delicious salad that sat on top of a large triangular cracker.  This has since become the inspiration for my new Nachos breakfast.  With pears and persimmons, it was a great beginning to the meal.  We moved onto the braised short ribs, which fell off the bone, with potatoes roasted long in the oven (crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside), with roasted carrots that had developed a nice sweetness during their time in the high heat.  Our cheese course was simple, a french cow’s milk (sorry, I have forgotten the name already!), some honey, and candied nuts.  Yummy.  Our dessert, though excellent, was my least favorite part of the meal- a creamy orange cheesecake .  It’s my fault, really, as I like my cheesecakes baked and with substance; some of the smoother, silkier cheesecakes don’t satisfy me as easily as the others.  They feel too “fluffy” for me.  As I said, personal preference.  All in all, we still love this restaurant.  And as I like to remind guests, look around the room and listen to the music- you’ll see heads bopping up and down to the tunes that range from the 50′s to present day, from the Beatles to Cold Play.  It’s subtle, but it adds a really nice touch to the experience.


Terra: still a great romantic spot for dinner.

We found Terra many years ago in one of our visits to Napa from San Francisco and it continues to shine brightly on our list of favorite places to eat in the Napa Valley.  Located in St. Helena, a 35-minute drive from The Inn On First,

We were named “Best of the Bay” for 2009: Thanks everyone for making it happen!

We were named Best of the Bay for 2009 on SF Gate, giving us some much needed publicity on the front page of that website for a full day.  Now that was fun; looking at the page, seeing the picture of The Inn On First at the very top of the page, and we didn’t have to pay for it!  Thanks to everyone who made it happen.  We are excited to be counted as a destination Bed and Breakfast Inn in the Napa Valley.  We have worked hard to distinguish ourselves from all others in terms of service to our guests, as well as through the innovation in the food.  Currently there are 80 distinct and unique breakfasts that get served here throughout the year- recently we added Breakfast Pot Pie, Breakfast Nachos, Morning Gorditas, Hawaiian Pancakes, and Breakfast Canapes.  Our guarantee to our returning guests that we will not repeat a breakfast for future stays continues to bring repeat guests to our doors.  The homemade truffles and nut brittle, the spicy nuts and cheddar crackers, as well as all the other room amenities we offer along with concierge service for all dinner and winery reservations are what continue to draw new traffic.  We are fortunate that this award is right on the heels of “Most Romantic Bed and Breakfast 2007″ and the “Best Bed and Breakfast in the West 2008″.

For more information on our current Best of the Bay award, you can visit: