SolBar: a Calistoga lunch spot while visiting Northern Napa Valley.

We often send guests up to Northern Napa Valley (only 25 miles away) to visit Vincent Arroyo Winery, Summers Winery, August Briggs Winery, or even Laura Zahtila Winery.  We often suggest a picnic lunch to enjoy, but for those who want to sit down and be served then SolBar is the answer.  Situated in the Solage Resort in Calistoga, SolBar is their restaurant that has a nicely appointed dining room and a sunny patio area outdoors for those who enjoy the sun and views of the surrounding mountains.  We chose outdoors for our venue and with perfect 70 degree weather and everything green and lush, with the swimming pool in the background toward one end, and the fountain that has a firepit in the center of it at the other, it created a “perfect Napa moment” for us.  The menu is playful: four columns of about 20 items- 10 appetizers, 10 entrees.  In the appetizer section, there is the first column printed in green (healthier options) and the second column printed in red (richer options); and that same organization on the entrees.  It was fun to choose from both sides of each column, playing with both healthy and rich, luscious food (read that butter, creamy, and wonderful).  We began with the roasted pepper soup served with arancini, delightfully poured out into the bowl at the table, as well as the sunchoke soup with a creamy base and pine nuts that were a perfect contrast in texture and flavor.  Moving onto the entrees we ordered the tuna burger with tofu salad and the chicken tandoori with naan bread and a cucumber-lettuce salad.  The tuna was freshly cut tuna steaks, formed into patties and served in a steamed bun.  Served medium rare as it should be, it was a nice afternoon bite.  The chicken tandoori was served as cutlets with a dry rub marinade and pan-fried, on top of homemade naan bread with a fresh tasting cucumber salad that fit just right with the chicken.  Portions are large, presentation is great, and flavor is wonderful.  We are really excited about having this new restaurant to send our guests to while visiting the Calistoga region and know that they, too, on a day like today, will find a “perfect Napa moment” celebrating good wine, good food, good friends, in a great location.


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