Redd: a Yountville restaurant favorite that does not disappoint.

For a more contemporary look and feel in a restaurant we love to visit the restaurant Redd in Yountville.  The food is contemporary French-European with a California flair and the dining room is slightly upscale without the need for jackets or ties.  As we dined with friends we were able to try even more items on the menu than usual and that was a real treat.  The Foie Gras Trio continues to be a winner starter with various foie gras preparations, relishes, chutneys, and nuts, served with buttery Brioche bread that has been toasted.  The Melon Salad with roasted Peppino Peppers was the real surprise winner in the salad category as the heat of the peppers were balanced with the cool of the melons and the saltiness of the prosciutto.  The Rabbit Mole was just delightful, with a rich chili pepper and chocolate sauce set over soft grits, and the Lobster Rissotto did not disappoint any of us.  We also had the opportunity to enjoy the Lamb Bolognese and a bite of the roasted chicken (nothing unusual about the chicken, but tasty nonetheless).  We decided to enjoy French champagne that night, Casanove, and that carried us through the meal.  For dessert we shared the Pot de Creme which came in this large clear glass and was topped by a lightly whipped cream with bits of pecan crunch in the center.  Oh my!  Of course they always bring out the final petit fours which included a grapefruit dark chocolate truffle (wowie) and their saltine praline crunch topped in chocolate (still a yummy treat).


Maverick Restaurant: fun place to eat in the Mission, SF.

We do sneak into the city of San Francisco periodically and rely upon our friends who live there to give us suggestions.  For our guests visiting San Francisco, we like to give them new and unusual options for dining.  Maverick is one of those places.  Small, intimate, and smack in the middle of the Mission District; the hip, trendy people go there to try new restaurants.  Not that we are hip or trendy, but we do like to keep up on the food scene.  Their theme is “American regional comfort food”.  Jamie ordered macaroni and cheese as a side plate to share, the little gem salad with nectarines and blue cheese, and fried chicken with chive and black pepper gravy (delicious).  I enjoyed a smoked trout salad drizzled with caper vinaigrette that was a great opener to the meal , as well as the braised pork ribs with tequila glaze.    The menu changes seasonally which is always a nice touch, so that you can return multiple times and expect different items on the menu.  (I’m afraid we’re just not Denny’s kind of guys who like a set menu)  The organic produce as well as the use of sustainable meats and fish is an added bonus as you feel good about what you are eating.  Located on 17th Street, a fun place to eat in the Mission.