Fish Story: a simple but tasty fish restaurant.

Yes, there are plenty of non-foodies in the world who don’t want unusual ingredients, preparation, or far-out flavors.  Sometimes guests request a simple meal, one that will satisfy but without all the fussiness of a foodie-restaurant.  Fish Story is one of those places.  The ingredients are simple: fish.  The flavors are direct and pure: broiled, baked, fried, seared, grilled.  They are eco-conscious in their selection of fish, only providing fish approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Bay Watch Program: sustainable, seasonal, and with no severe impact to a species.  There are some “fish stories” to delight you as you walk into the restaurant, and plenty of fish decor all around.  I loved the Ahi Tartare, and thought it was the highlight of the night.  As for my main course, the problem was not with the restaurant but with me.  I ordered Petrale Sole, and it came to  me pan-seared with salt and pepper, some light veggies, and rice.  Absolutely nothing wrong with the dish; except that I make this at home.  Not the restaurant’s fault, but mine, for not reading the menu fully and understanding what I was ordering.  The fish was tasty, the vegetables were fresh, and everything was really good.  In my world, though, it was “ordinary”.  Of course I am looking for unusual and enlightening dishes, things that will introduce me to presentations and flavors I have never had before.  My food snobbishness shines through.  I have no problems recommending this restaurant for those who want a nice fish dinner with good flavor, uncomplicated, and unfussy.  For foodies, Morimoto Napa down the street will provide the foodie experience you want.  Next time: I need to read the whole menu and reach for some of their specials.  I suspect I may be a little less snobbish!


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