Holiday Tour Magic.

Another awesome year for the Holiday Tour.  We invited Baldacci Winery and Mumm Napa to pour wine for our guests this year, and I decided to make my own food instead of relying upon one of the restaurants to provide comestibles.  We started with 200 pieces homemade puff pastry, baked off into small bites, topped with a Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese/Ancho Chili Pepper spread with a roasted sweet tomato.  We continued with homemade flour tortillas which were baked off into 300 chips, with a spoonful of carnitas, roasted tomato salsa, and avocado cream.  Then we put out 500 pieces of chocolate cake squares frosted with peppermint cream and peppermint bits, and 250 pieces of homemade pecan brittle.  It was all gone by the end of the 4 hour event.  Not just here, but at every inn.

Now, to put it into perspective.  There were 11 other Bed and Breakfast Inns on the tour, and each of them also had food, providing approximately 1000 pieces of food at each inn ranging from new york steak sliders, hors d’ oeuvres, ribs, shrimp, chicken, ham, pork, sandwiches, cookies, and small desserts.  12 inns multiplied by 1000 pieces of food equals 12,000 pieces; divided by 375 people, and you end up with 32 pieces of food per person.  No wonder people said they wouldn’t need dinner that night!  There was an average of 24 bottles of wine at each inn, bringing the total to 288; divided by 375 people, and you end up with each person drinking 3/4 of a bottle of wine each.  Considering that many people don’t drink at the event, well you do the math.

Don’t forget the transportation provided between the inns, as well as the entertainment which ranged from Tango 09 (The Inn On First), carolers, jazz trio, and many other musical groups scattered across the inns.  All that for $55.00 per person.  It is a fundraiser for local Napa Charities and it helps to support the local Napa Historic Inns Association.  There is a great article in the San Francisco Examiner (unfortunately we were not mentioned- bah!  humbug!) about the event:

Now that it is over we’re both a little sad…all this planning, all these wonderful people, and the fun is over so quickly!  ”Ah, next year,” Jamie said with a smile.  I can see he’s already getting ready to plan next year….


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