The Garden is open for service!

Yes, the season opener has come to The Inn On First.  Our garden is once again lush and green, flowers blooming, everything growing, and the weather has been cooperating nicely.  Jamie pulled out the umbrellas, set up the cushions, unwrapped the patio heaters for those cool mornings, and set the table for breakfast.  It was magnificent.  I wanted to try some new recipes for this new season and two of them fit nicely: chocolate pasta with tofu-walnut sauce and a poached egg, and sushi omelets filled with salted zucchini and green onion served with hot mustard and wasabi cream.  Our guests loved them.  The chocolate pasta, made with cocoa powder and not sweet chocolate, presents just a hint of cocoa in the back of your throat and pairs nicely with the walnuts.  The tofu is a low-fat version of ricotta cheese and allows dairy-free guests to enjoy the meal.  The sushi omelets are great for gluten-free and/or dairy-free guests.  The dish looks cold when it arrives, but as you take a bit you realize that it is hot, with a crusty, crunchy exterior and a soft and sticky interior.  When Jamie tells me “You can serve these to me any day” I know it is a winner.  My gratitude to all of my guests who continue to allow me to explore new ideas for breakfast!  I have another 15 in the works!

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