Personal Opinion on Airports: Sacramento is best, Oakland is 2nd, San Francisco is 3rd

The 3 main airports that are utilized for traveling to Napa Valley are Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco.  Of the three we think that Sacramento is the easiest to get in and out of and that you’ll face less traffic.  The information we provide here is purely subjective and is personal opinion and should not be taken as the last word on arriving here to Napa.


Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

Distance from Inn: 68 miles

Time to Airport: 1 Hour, 15 minutes (no traffic), 2 hours (with traffic)


Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Distance from Inn: 51 miles

Time to Airport: 1 hour (no traffic), 3 hours (with traffic)


San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Distance from Inn: 59 miles


There are actually two routes to San Francisco International Airport.  The fastest route is US-80 through Berkeley and takes you over the Bay Bridge.  The more scenic route is US-101 and takes you over the Golden Gate Bridge and includes some driving time through San Francisco city streets.

Time: 1 Hour 15 minutes (no traffic), 3-4 hours (with traffic)

What is deceiving is the distance.  When it says “no traffic”, that is a rarity to San Francisco or Oakland.  If you are traveling during the non-rush-hour times, then those times are pretty close, yet those windows are very narrow.  As you can see, even with traffic, Sacramento is the best.  In terms of size, Sacramento is also the smallest and thus the easiest to get in and out of on your trip.    No matter what airport you choose, always plan on arriving at the airport 1.5 – 2 hours ahead of your departure time (depending on time of day, accounting for crowds) to allow time for dropping off your rental car.